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Kinsey Karnes, founder

In business since 2010, our mission is to provide the most unique accessories, while providing superior service.
Based in San Diego, California, Kinsey Scarves is modern revolution to the concept and image of the scarf. Constructed of the finest fabrics and most enticing prints, the beauty of these scarves knows no borders. No longer confining the scarf to the mother or wife, Kinsey Scarves reimagines the scarf for any gender and any age. Helmed by founder and creative director Kinsey Karnes, her versatile lifestyle makes her scarves accessible and alluring to any audience. From beautiful prints on newborns babies to the ever so classy older woman, Kinsey Scarves is a perfect fit for all and has even found it's biggest audience in the bold new trail blazing generation of music lovers. Able to blend with any style, the scarves evoke a certain lifestyle, one of passion and flair, making it the ultimate necessary accessory. With the demand for Kinsey Scarves on the rise, especially among trendy festival going young males and females, the buzz is at an all time high fueling Kinsey with an overdose of creative inspiration for intriguing new lines you won't want to miss!

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