Kinsey Scarves Does Burning Man August 15 2013

It’s that time of the year, that time to pack up and move to the Playa! This year, Burning Man will be a first for Kinsey Scarves! Too many years have passed of patiently waiting for that perfect time to frolic around the desert and now it’s finally here! With the help of the Desert Hearts crew, myself and the Pile Palace will be experiencing Burning Man together as a family. Not only am I excited about dancing the days away with thousands of amazing people, but also excited to spread the love of Kinsey Scarves to all of the beautiful burners. A scarf is by far one of the most versatile accessories out there, especially at the Burn. If you haven’t gotten your Kinsey Scarves packed and ready for the Playa, then you better get on it. After reading this list of 20 reasons to have a Kinsey scarf for Burning Man, you’ll see it’s a must-have. Don’t be left in the dust without yours!

Peace, Love, & Scarves! I’ll see all of you out on the Playa very soon! <3 Kinsey

Top 20 Reasons to Bring your Kinsey Scarves to Burning Man!

Give as a Burning Man gift

Use as a dust mask

Wear as a sarong

Cover up dirty hair by using as a head scarf

Wear it as a sexy headband, even when your hair isn’t dirty

Wrap around your favorite hat

Use as decorative pieces for your boots

Tie to your fanny pack as a flowy accessory

Use as a dancing prop (men love it)

Cover your eyes while attempting to sleep to keep light out

Soak in water and wrap around head and neck for a cool sensation

Attach to a tall stick, so that your camp can easily find you in a crowd

Loop through your bikes and tie them all together. No need for a bike lock, you have a Kinsey scarf

When a dust storms comes, you’ll need to strap yourself down. Use your scarf and tie it to something stable

Wrap LED lights around your scarf and gift it to a dark wad (They need it most)

Use as bike decoration

Use as camp decoration for a gypsy ambiance

Use it as a camera holster

Tie a few scarves together to make a Kinsey cape

For the more elegant nights, men can wear it as a bow-tie or regular tie