In Fur We Trust October 20 2013

It's Fall and it's time to get freakin' funky with your fur! Now's the time to release that gypsy soul, whether it be at a festival or in your everyday life. Finally, it's ok to sport your wild animal anywhere and everywhere you go.
Here are some favorite fur shots gathered from the oh so addicting Pinterest. One thing is fur sure, if you wear your fur, you'll be one hot and sexy mama this season!
Taste the rainbow with your fur and have your day lead to something magical.
Dark and sensual screams sexy. Release your inner demon-princess with a black or neutral fur. Get ready to have those eyes on you.
If a statement is what you want to make, then color it is. Colored fur is hotter than hot and sexier than ever. When you see a beautiful gypsy fashionista strutting her stuff down the street in a wild coat, you can't help but be envious.
Check out how beautiful these ladies are. Fabulous, ferocious, and killin it with style. Now, don't you wanna throw your fur on to go get coffee? I sure do and I will.
If you can't afford those pricey designer fur coats, then don't worry, because neither can most of us. Thrift stores are KEY in the fur game. Check them weekly and you're bound to find your perfect match!
Eat, Sleep, & Live in your Furs, Ladies.
<3 Kinsey Scarves