Rica Boutique Knows Best July 30 2014

One thing is for sure, Rica Boutique in La Jolla, CA knows their fashion cues. For their Summer 2014 Lookbook, they featured Kinsey Scarves. Check out the awesome photos shot by the insanely talented Norton Photography. 

Obsessed with the Rica style!



Kinsey Scarves Has Log Cabin Fever June 12 2014

This log cabin just got hotter. Flowing scarves, a sexy babe, and frisky energy, this log cabin fever feels oh so good!

A Life Full Of Peace & Pedals March 26 2014

If I'm not wearing a head scarf, you can find me with my flower crown on. There's just something about the way flowers make you feel. It's the feeling of being a true flower child. You embrace life for it's beauty and soul. Throw on your flowers and frolic around feeling the music in your bones. It's FESTIVAL time!!!


xoxo Kinsey Scarves

Kinsey Scarves: Mystic Farm March 24 2014

Where the gypsies meet the hippies, where beauty units, & where all good spirits roam....The Mystic Farm w/Kinsey Scarves & Gaia Goddessa. The country never looked so good. :) Photographer- Danny Dilworth, H/M- Kara Roberson, Stylist- Alexandra Heredia aka Haus of Nug, Jewelry- Gaia Goddess. Models- Alexandra Boyce, Lauren Hudash, Hylas Theiodamas, & Gina Cat. 

All You Need Is Rock N' Roll January 22 2014

It's not hard to figure out what my favorite style is. Hippie, most definitely, but throw in a bit of rock n' roll and that sums it up completely. It's where Woodstock meets Ozzfest and where your hippie chicks meet the biker girls. You can never go wrong with this look. Leather, rocker tees, headscarves, boots, dark accents, wild colors, and that bad girl persona. It's all you need to have a sexy good time.

Here are some of my favorite pinspiration photos <3 ~Xo~ Kinsey Scarves


Everyone Needs More Sequins In Their Diets. January 07 2014

Wanted to start my morning off with a good dose of sequins. Add a little bit every day and your fashion diet will be just where you want it. IN LOVE with the current sequin trend, just hope it doesn't go away too fast! Maybe there will be a sequin Kinsey scarf soon. :) Just wait and see. 

Here are some favorites from my Kinsey Scarves Pinterest Boards. XO Kinsey


The Ultimate Goddess Party-- A Moonlit Soiree December 12 2013

When one thinks of accessories for the ultimate goddess woman, a specific brand comes into mind, Child of Wild. Finally, after a long time coming, Kinsey Scarves collaborated with the ever-so-amazing authentic jewelry company and it could not have turned out better. Scarves, fur, jewels, champagne and dancing, that's what took place at our Moonlit Soiree. If you don't have your goddess attire, no worries, you have plenty of options from Kinsey Scarves & Child of Wild. Join us as we dance the night away under the moonlight! See more photos at

In Fur We Trust October 20 2013

It's Fall and it's time to get freakin' funky with your fur! Now's the time to release that gypsy soul, whether it be at a festival or in your everyday life. Finally, it's ok to sport your wild animal anywhere and everywhere you go.
Here are some favorite fur shots gathered from the oh so addicting Pinterest. One thing is fur sure, if you wear your fur, you'll be one hot and sexy mama this season!
Taste the rainbow with your fur and have your day lead to something magical.
Dark and sensual screams sexy. Release your inner demon-princess with a black or neutral fur. Get ready to have those eyes on you.
If a statement is what you want to make, then color it is. Colored fur is hotter than hot and sexier than ever. When you see a beautiful gypsy fashionista strutting her stuff down the street in a wild coat, you can't help but be envious.
Check out how beautiful these ladies are. Fabulous, ferocious, and killin it with style. Now, don't you wanna throw your fur on to go get coffee? I sure do and I will.
If you can't afford those pricey designer fur coats, then don't worry, because neither can most of us. Thrift stores are KEY in the fur game. Check them weekly and you're bound to find your perfect match!
Eat, Sleep, & Live in your Furs, Ladies.
<3 Kinsey Scarves

Kinsey Scarves Does Burning Man August 15 2013

It’s that time of the year, that time to pack up and move to the Playa! This year, Burning Man will be a first for Kinsey Scarves! Too many years have passed of patiently waiting for that perfect time to frolic around the desert and now it’s finally here! With the help of the Desert Hearts crew, myself and the Pile Palace will be experiencing Burning Man together as a family. Not only am I excited about dancing the days away with thousands of amazing people, but also excited to spread the love of Kinsey Scarves to all of the beautiful burners. A scarf is by far one of the most versatile accessories out there, especially at the Burn. If you haven’t gotten your Kinsey Scarves packed and ready for the Playa, then you better get on it. After reading this list of 20 reasons to have a Kinsey scarf for Burning Man, you’ll see it’s a must-have. Don’t be left in the dust without yours!

Peace, Love, & Scarves! I’ll see all of you out on the Playa very soon! <3 Kinsey

Top 20 Reasons to Bring your Kinsey Scarves to Burning Man!

Give as a Burning Man gift

Use as a dust mask

Wear as a sarong

Cover up dirty hair by using as a head scarf

Wear it as a sexy headband, even when your hair isn’t dirty

Wrap around your favorite hat

Use as decorative pieces for your boots

Tie to your fanny pack as a flowy accessory

Use as a dancing prop (men love it)

Cover your eyes while attempting to sleep to keep light out

Soak in water and wrap around head and neck for a cool sensation

Attach to a tall stick, so that your camp can easily find you in a crowd

Loop through your bikes and tie them all together. No need for a bike lock, you have a Kinsey scarf

When a dust storms comes, you’ll need to strap yourself down. Use your scarf and tie it to something stable

Wrap LED lights around your scarf and gift it to a dark wad (They need it most)

Use as bike decoration

Use as camp decoration for a gypsy ambiance

Use it as a camera holster

Tie a few scarves together to make a Kinsey cape

For the more elegant nights, men can wear it as a bow-tie or regular tie



Two's Kompany, Three's a Kollab! July 26 2013

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves! Scarves can fit in anywhere and everywhere. What better way to show that, than to have a collaboration! Just launched, Kinsey Kollabz is the new project of Kinsey Scarves to help trendsetters and fashionistas think even more outside the box when incorporating a scarf into their look. Every month, Kinsey Kollabz will release a photoshoot collaborating with 2 other designers. The shoot will showcase how Kinsey Scarves can fit into any style and portray any theme. Get excited because there are super unique themed kollabz coming your way!

Kinsey Scarves is very excited to introduce the first Kinsey Kollabz with Pura Vida Bracelets and Blenders Eyewear! These 2 San Diego based companies were the perfect fit for the launch of the new KS project! Check out the awesome Urban themed Kollabz photoshoot at

Cheers to a NEW Site and a NEW Line! July 09 2013

After much anticipation and late nights working towards my next Kinsey Scarves line and new revamped website, the time has finally come! Everything is ready to go! Having a great website is like having a new pair of running shoes. Now, these Kinsey running shoes will run like the wind and continue on creating new amazing scarves. So many great things coming for KS this year!

To start the Summer off right, Kinsey Scarves designed five new scarves that reflect having fun in the sun and enjoying life. Whether your attending a music festival or having a bbq with your friends, Kinsey accessories are a must. Out of these unique scarf prints, there's sure to be one that is made for you.

Say hello to the newest Kinsey Scarves additions!


"Color Me Blue" Kinsey Scarf


"Color Me Orange" Kinsey Scarf

"Deep Love" Kinsey Scarf

"Queeny Jade" Kinsey Scarf

"Sandburst" Kinsey Scarf



Peace, Love, & Scarves Everyone!




Kinsey Scarves at The Sugar Room! June 13 2013

It's that time again! Time for The Sugar Room Pop-Up Show! This event, held on June 25th, will be the biggest one yet. Blk Owl & Jedisugar have continually delivered outstanding & successful events for both designers and shoppers. Not only is there a long list of unique vendors at The Sugar Room, but also amazing music and awesome hosts. This will be the third Sugar Room for Kinsey Scarves. Make sure to join in on this night of shopping at the Lafayette Hotel! Kinsey Scarves will be showcasing the newest scarf line plus a few extra special prints! Don't miss out! Come and dance with us!